Welcome To CloseHaven

Transformation Management:  "Adopt or Die"

 Transformation is never easy. It is never straightforward. Without understanding the risks and challenges it is rarely successful.

 Programme Management

"On average 80% of Programmes take twice as long to complete and cost three times the initial budget......if you are lucky."

Sound familiar? Then you are in the majority.

Transition Management: "The Devil is always in the details"

 Understanding how services can be transitioned from a high level aspiration into business-as-usual activities requires careful consideration. 

How to know if your Vendors & Service Provider are meeting the objectives and expectations that will help your business to grow and survive in uncertain times.


We help you deliver valuable strategic & tactical activites while finding the best solutions to even the most complex problems. CloseHaven has a collaborative ( "we get our hands dirty"), fresh (solution focus) and determined (keep going until we get the right answer) approach.

Closehaven provides support with deep domain knowledge and the ability to exercise judgement and interpretation.

Closehaven is a team of professional's creating value for our clients.

CloseHaven is developing a reputation for obtaining solutions with:




We have a tradition of embarking on new paths. Through all these changes, we have kept our focus on delivering to expectation. Every aspect of our business is based on the perfect balance between our four key principles:




Our Team are independent of third parties: particularly Service Providers, Suppliers or other client partners.




Our Team takes into consideration all opportunities and risks.




Our Team only offer services in areas where we possess or have acquired demonstrable expertise.




Our Team will not let knowledge or information obtained during their engagement be  disseminated to third parties.








 We would be pleased to discuss the key points of your future requirements, with you in a relaxed conversation.


We are Closer than you think. We are here to work with you, meaning we'll be at your side to help you through any issues you are encountering and guide you through any situation you face.


Whether it is:

Developing and Managing Outsourcing Contracts
Benefits Realisation from Outsourcing 
Service Transition & Transformation
Project and Programme Management







We'll get our hands dirty with you and make sure the work is done.